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Internet Of Things


We all already heard talk about “Internet of Things” (IoT). This is a new topic at tecnology industries and becomes the new trend on market.

This concept aims connect every device to the internet and change the way we live and work. Simple example: autonomous cars that communicates between each other; Smart Home, Smart Cities, and so on.

The Market are aware of the value of the IoT and are expected that until 2025 will be more than 100 billions of connected devices. This number of devices will have a huge impact in social and economic’s enviromments of all world.

Dispite of all the advantages that IoT became, there are, also, some concerns about the security and individual privacy.

We are about to dive on “Revolution of the Internet of Things”.


The term “Internet of Things” came out in 1999 by Kevin Ashton that describes IoT as a system that will connect every device to the internet throught sensors and RFID.

Interesting facts

  • Cisco estimates that 70% of the internet traffic will be of non-PC devices
  • 87 % of people never heard about Internet of Things
  • The old ATM’s are consider itself a IoT.
  • At 2008 were more devices connected than people
  • There is about 6 billion of smart phone users
  • Giants like Google and Samsung are aware of this market. Google bought NestLab and Samsung adquired SmartThings

Communication Models


In this type of communication one or more devices communicates between each other directlly, without a intermediary server. This type of communication is very useful for smart homes, where one lamp can communicate to another one directlly


Device-to-Cloud communication are used where there is a need to analyse data and take some action with it. For example, a humidity sensor on farms communicate the information about the air and sends to a Internet of Things Cloud to be analysed.

Security Problems

All this communications between devices bring a lot of business opportunites, however, the security of data and privacy needs to be garanteed, always!

There are a lot of news about security leaks explored by hackers. Please take a look at this great poster of Internet of Things Institute:


I’m off gentlemens,

Mr. President


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